J. S. Bach: "Sonaten und Partiten für Solovioline"(DUX) 

"...Much of David Oistrakh's technical proficiency,mellifluous tone and artistic sincerity are evident in these bigboned Bach readings...
Michael Vaiman nevertheless brings striking warmth and humanity to this music, tracing its linear flow with commendable assurance...
Vaiman's immaculate technique,poise and tonal purity are constant features of his accounts of the partitas..."
(The Strad Magazine),Robin Stowell

"...Im Bewusstsein erdrückender Konkurrenz entscheidet sich der Oistrach-Schüler Michael Vaiman aus Odessa für Ewiskeitswerte fast  überirdisch rein und mit tiefem Gespür fürs große Ganze gespielt, wird Bachs Zyklus zum metaphysischen Vermächtnis."

(Kultur Spiegel) Deutschland

Supersonic Award für CD mit Bach Sonaten & Partiten(DUX 0610/11)

(Pizzicato Classics) Luxembourg 09.2008

"...in M.Vaiman we encounter a superb violinist.Vaiman achieves... A noble and articulate tone." 
(HiFIVISION), Egon Bezold, Germany

"...Vaiman's performance is notable for the interpretation of the musical Phrase, the beauty of sound. Brilliant technique." 
(Ruch muzyczny), Poland

"...Vaiman's playing is marked by eloquence, verve, and a broadest palette of expression." 
(Stereoplay), Wolfgang Wendel

"...Because of his vivid emotionality and the soft refined sound of his violin, at the same time songfull and strong,he can easly cope with virtuosic works and those which deal with subtle feelings. 

"...Playing together with this wonderful musician always bring a lot of enjoyment and happiness." 
Yuri Bashmet

Michael Vaiman gewann einst den Wieniawski-Wettbewerb in Poznan (Polen). Seit 1999 hält er eine Professur an der Musikhochschule Köln/ Aachen. Er ist zudem der künstlerische Leiter des "Musicalsummer Masterclasses and Festival" in Malaga,Spanien.

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